The role of the Program Committee (PC) is to oversee and provide advisory input to the program, given the inter-institutional nature of QSciTech and the participation of several industrial partners. Its members meet twice a year to review the performance of the program and optimize its strategic impact in terms of training, adequacy with industrial needs, recruitment quality, equity, and sustainability.


Committee President

Nathalie Faucheux, vice-Dean Research and Full Professor, Engineering Faculty, Université de Sherbrooke

Industry representatives

Chloé Archambault, Director of Business Development - Quantum - Zone d'innovation and ACET

Félix Beaudoin, Director of Quantum Technology - Nanoacademic Technologies

Samuel Boutin, Senior Researcher - Microsoft Quantum 

Entrepreneurship Specialist

Jean Bibeau: Professor, Management School, Université de Sherbrooke, Director Accélérateur Entrepreneurial Desjardins de l'UdeS. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

Eve Langelier: Professor, Engineering Faculty, Université de Sherbrooke, Chairholder, Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in Quebec.

External researcher

Lukas Chrostowski: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of British-Columbia, Quantum Matter Institute, Director of the Quantum-BC CREATE program.

Student representative

Pierre-Antoine Mouny, Ph.D. Student, Electrical engineering - Université de Sherbrooke