QSciTech Industrial Seminars


The QSciTech industrial seminars series presents diverse enterprises to inspire and expand participant's horizons about new quantum technologies and the canadian quantum industry situation.

Each trimester, we welcome a key actor from a canadian quantum technology company. Presentations are in hybrid mode. Contact us at info@qscitech.ca to receive an invitation and participate!


Next industrial seminar:

QSciTech is pleased to invite you to join the Industrial Seminar presented by our colleagues from 1QBit - Sherbrooke.

QSciTech members will have the opportunity to meet Dominic Marchand, PhD, Head of Research and Partnerships, and Jessica Lemieux, Scientist. They will talk about 1QBit's projects and internship opportunities.


Past seminars:

QSciTech x Qubic Seminar

Date:  Wednesday March 24th 2021, 10:30 AM Eastern Time

Title: Remote sensing in the quantum era

Guest speaker: Jérôme Bourassa, Qubic president (Sherbrooke), quantum remote sensing start-up.

Abstract: Microwave remote sensing tools, such as radars, are often used to monitor and secure spaces. Their reliability and precision are crucial in the analysis of situations and in decision making.  
It is known that the limits of measurement accuracy are dictated by the rules of quantum mechanics and it is known that the use of quantum electromagnetic signals allows substantial gains in sensitivity. At Qubic, we are working to develop a new generation of microwave remote sensing systems, based on the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics and built with superconducting circuits. 
In this presentation, I will introduce you to the principles behind our innovative technology as well as our most recent efforts to demonstrate the quantum advantage in remote sensing. I will conclude by presenting the long-term vision of our company, as well as the various future opportunities at Qubic.


QSciTech x Xanadu Seminar

Date: Friday November 27th, 2020, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Title: Internships opportunies at Xanadu 

Guest speaker: David Asgeirsson, PhD, Manager of Partnerships and IP at Xanadu (Toronto), a company developping an integrated photonic platform and algorithms and softwares for quantum computing.

Abstract: This virtual seminar aims to present the main research projects and internship opportunities at Xanadu, as well as the process to apply for an internship. In particular, Xanadu's new residency program will be presented: https://residency.xanadu.ai/.