Internships format


Industrial internships


QSciTech trainees are required to complete a 4 to 6 months paid internship in a quantum technologies company. This provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase their training, develop their professional skills and get a taste of business-related challenges pertaining to quantum technologies. The internship can be obtained through one of QSciTech industrial partners or via another company, as long as the project is related to quantum technologies. Internships are founded through the Mitacs program (see details below), although some exceptions are possible for non-Mitacs fundable opportunities.

Internship salary and structure

The exact amount received by the student will depend on the nature of the internship and the agreement between the student, their supervisor, and the internship host.

In the case of Mitacs supported internships, the overall budget for an internship is 15k$ (7.5k$ from Mitacs and 7.5k$ from the employer). As per Mitacs rules, sometimes up to 5k$ of that budget can be used for consumables and support needed for work during the internship.  QSciTech does not intervene in the administrative aspects of Mitacs funds, as these are directly sent to the student’s university. 

Internships will have the same structure as COOP undergraduate internships: the QSciTech trainee works for the company employing them, thus intellectual property (IP) will belong to the company, unless the trainee works on a collaborative project between the host company and their supervisor (the trainee’s university and the host company then negotiate the IP as usual).

Mitacs website