Program overview


What is QSciTech?

The CREATE training program QSciTech - Bridging the Gap between Quantum Science and Quantum Technologies – aims at training the next generation of quantum scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. It provides integrative and targeted training to graduate students (PhD's and MSc's) in the field of quantum technologies, one of Canada's high-tech economic sector of priority. 

The goal of the program is to train job-ready candidates so that they get a view of the whole chain of quantum technology development, encompassing basic quantum science, engineering methods, and professional skills, such as : research and development management and decision making, entrepreneurship, innovation, communications, commercialization, and intellectual property. 

The program comprises 3 phases composed of multidisciplinary courses, interdisciplinary project management in a collaborative environnment, and an industrial internship.

Is it for me?

Graduate students in physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and other scientific programs, can all get involved in QSciTech, as long as they are working on quantum technology related research projects in a partner university (see Admissibility for more details).

As a participant, this program provides opportunities to complement your scientific formation with essential professional skills, apply your training during an industrial internship, gain a significant advantage for a future career in quantum technologies, and expand your horizons (see Financial Support for details on further opportunities).

ACT800 Course (QSciTech Phase 2) Fall 2023
How does it work?

QSciTech is meant as a complement to your graduate studies, and it is structured to avoid extra delay in your diplomation. Some of the QSciTech mandatory courses may be credited as part of the student regular program course load (to be discussed with departments), and travel expenses to participate to the courses are reimbursed by QSciTech.The program also includes opportunities for scholarship supplements, and international exchanges and laboratories visits.

QSciTech is structured along 3 phases.

 Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3   Summer School 

           Multidisciplinary training            

(1 trimester)

            Interdisciplinary teamwork          

(1 trimester)

           Industrial internship            

(4 to 6 months)

          Once a year*          

*One attendance mandatory for MSc students, two for PhD students

In Phase 1 - Multidisciplinary training, non-engineering students are trained in project management and engineering design while non-physics students receive training in quantum physics. This training is accompanied by two (2) professional skills courses, one on R&D and entrepreneurship, and the other on intellectual property & innovation. 

In Phase 2 - Interdisciplinary teamwork, teams of students with diverse backgrounds work on building a business model for a quantum technlogy chosen by each team in an experiential learning structure.

In Phase 3- Industrial internship, each QSciTech student completes a 4 to 6 months internship in the quantum industry, leveraging Mitacs funding.

A summer school held annually addresses further professional skills, social issues in science and technology and specialized hot topics in quantum technology.

For more details on the program content, see the Detailed description.

ACT800 Course (QSciTech Phase 2) QSciTech Students - Fall 2021 (courtesy of AED)