Scientific software developer at Nanoacademic Technologies

15 Feb 2022

Nanoacademic is looking for a highly trained specialist to join our core R&D team responsible for the development of QTCAD. The person occupying this position will be in charge of:

  • Coding new features of QTCAD according to the company’s development and partnership roadmaps.
  • Collaborating with the QTCAD team to develop physics-based models appropriate to quantum hardware.
  • Participate in meetings with R&D partners, beta testers, and clients to present latest features and provide technical support.


Requirements and qualifications:

  • Advanced degree (Master’s degree or Ph. D.) in physics, mathematics or engineering.
  • Strong background in theoretical physics and/or computational physics.
  • Advanced knowledge of solid-state quantum hardware (spin qubits, superconducting qubits).
  • A background in solid-state physics, semiconductor physics, and/or photonics.
  • Experience in scientific computing.
  • Programming skills in Python.
  • Knowledge of other programming languages like MATLAB, Fortran, and C++ is a plus.
  • Knowledge of version control tools (git) and best practices is also a plus.
  • Good ability to communicate, interact and establish trustworthy relationships with our partners
  • A creative, team-oriented, and agile mindset.


Interested candidates are invited to submit their CV to:
Félix Beaudoin, Ph. D.
Director of Quantum Technology
Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.